ilhaire project
Allegro project
The 8th International Summer Workshop on Multimodal Interfaces
July, 2nd - July, 27th 2012

Technical Infrastructure

Workshop organizers will provide basic network infrastructure and internet access. They will not, in general, provide computers or other equipment needed to carry out projects. However, they will be ready to help you out with the resources available in their laboratories.


Nao parrot koala
Aldebaran Robotics Nao Parrot AR.drone KTeam Koala
rovio bioloid
Rovio Bioloid


axis camera stereo kinect
Axis PTZ 213 Point Grey Bumblebee 2 Microsoft Kinect
micro holophonie
Array of microphone : behind a screen and on the roof Holophonic room with acoustic boards


bci1 bci2
Brain computer interface Biosemi (32 channels) Brain computer interface Gtec (8 channels)
eyetracker capteur biomedicaux
Eyetracker Seeing Machines Facelab 5 TEA biomedical sensors (9 different sensors like a cardiac sensors, EMG sensors,...)


labo1 labo2
General view of the laboratory Robotic platform
labo3 labo4
The Smartroom The Smartroom

Internet Access/Network Infrastructure

Participants can be connected to local-area network(s) using wireless (802.11b/g/n, eduroam is available) or wired connection (over Ethernet switches). Local network(s) will have access to the internet via a 100 Mbps link. Participants who will be using wired connection are kindly asked to bring their own Ethernet (RJ45) cables, although limited number of cables will be provided by the organizers.


In general, we aim to run a paperless workshop as much as possible, and we encourage the electronic exchange of all documents. One medium-capacity network printer will be provided for the really necessary printouts.