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The 8th International Summer Workshop on Multimodal Interfaces
July, 2nd - July, 27th 2012

Reaching the city center and coming back

If you want to reach the city center by bus, we give you below direct links to the time schedules of the different lines
BE CAREFULL, due to the civil engineering, the time schedules and bus stops may change. We will try to keep this page up to date;
From 06:00 AM up to 20:00, you can take line 8 (in both directions). For getting to metz, you take bus at bus stop Technopole, close to Manpower, rue claude chappe (Google maps link); When you come back you will arrive at the stop Technopole, at the main entrance of Supelec. The time schedules are available there;

From 20:00 up to 24:00 , the bus lines are 51 and 52 , at the same bus stops. The time schedules are available there;

Want to visit Paris, Strasbourg ?

If you want to go to Paris or Strasbourg, they can be easily reached by train. It is only 1 hour or 1hour and a half to reach Strasbourg or Paris by train. Just have a look on the TGV-europe website (also for trains other TGV..), there;

Closer to Metz : Amnéville and Wallygator theme park

There are various ways to have fun in Amnéville, at only 30 minutes from Metz by car. You can reach Amnéville by bus with line 77, the time schedules are available there. One way by bus shall be around 2 to 3 euros;

  • a Zoo. The directions to reach the zoo are available here and the prices there; Or you may take line 77.
  • a snowhall. The directions to reach the snowhall are available there;
  • the thermal pole Thermapolis, have a look there. You can take line 77;
  • the Wallygator theme park, you can reach it by car or train, have a look there